Hi, I am Johana Vasquez

A proud Ambassador of Colombia’s Cali Salsa Style



My artistic career began in 2002 under the lead of Otoniel Palacios, a renowned instructor from Cali, Colombia. In 2006, I won my first World Championship title alongside my dance partner Jhon Jairo Rodriguez, with whom I danced with for 14 years. With over 20 years of experience as a Professional Salsa Dancer, I created my own unique style that took my performances to new levels of success.


In 2009, I built Baila Conmigo Dance Company with the vision of professionalizing Colombia’s Cali Salsa Style. Since then, I have recruited, trained, and supervised high performing teams while establishing fruitful international and business relationships. Due to our success, We’ve achieved a track record of artistic excellence in different corners of the world. 



Professional Dancer and Choreographer.

I have made an impact on the lives of countless dancers ranging of all ages, from social dancing to professional training. My students have achieved high performance levels of training, resulting in them being featured in live productions (i.e., TV production, films, music videos, broadway shows, commercials, etc.) Past collaborations with other instructors has brought my level of dancing and teaching to new heights.


In 2021, I created the “We Dance” foundation, a nonprofit organization with the quest of professionalizing the Colombian Salsa Style and providing artistic education for gifted dancers from disadvantaged communities in Colombia. This dream started in 2015 and with the help of a devoted team, we are now building something beautiful that will make an impact in the lives of many. Become part of their future.  



Career Highlights


Jenifer López "It's My Party" Tour 


Bravo Entertainment Company - "On Your Feet" Broadway Show - NY Knicks (NBA) halftime show at Madison Square Garden - NY Giants (NFL) halftime show at MetLife Stadium - "Americas Got Talent" Semi-Finalists


Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts


Japanese TV Comercial for Gatsby Products 

"Maximum Level" TV show


"Tonight at the London Palladium"


Cablevision Comercial


"Klein Gegen Gross" German TV Show


Chinese Spring Festival


"Duets" at the National Theater of Guatemala

Areas of expertise 


/Event Production



  • Working for Johana Vasquez has been one of the most important experiences of my life. I met Johana in 2008 right before opening her dance studio (baila comigo), there as one of her first students I got the opportunity to learn and understand her passion for dance and arts in general. Over time, all the knowledge Johana passed on to me, allowed me to become one of her professional performance team members and one of her instructors. The opportunity for growth was presented in every corner. Soon I had my own team representing our dance academy and winning world competition. Johana is an inspiring leader that brings the best out her students and employees, she loves seeing people grow and being part of that process.

    Gissela Sosa
    Dancer and instructor
  • I have known Johana Vasquez for ten years and had the pleasure of taking group and private salsa lessons with her until Covid interrupted everything in 2020. Johana is an excellent instructor and I have always admired her passion, dedication and patience!! She needed plenty of patience with me, her oldest student Johana has now become an honorary family member of mine and I wish her nothing but the best in all her future endeavor

    Danilo Torres
  • We have known Johana since 2016 when we brought our daughter to her academy, Melanie was 4 years old. From that day Johana became her greatest example, Johana taught her to dance but above all to be disciplined, responsible and enjoy her passion. Melanie is already 10 years old and is still dancing. She says that dancing is her life, and she always remembers Johana as the one who taught her everything she is now... Thank you Johana for your dedication and for always being that special person that not only teaches to dance but gives the heart to each dancer.

    Johana Salazar
    Mother of a dancer
  • I met Johana about a decade ago when she came to take part of the international relations team of the Israeli Salsa and Bachata Congress & Holy Land Tour. From the first moment, it was clear to me and the production team that she was professional, but more important that she was a person in every sense of the word. This is how our relationship with Johana started. Over the years Johana has brought hundreds of tourists to Israel to experience Israel along with groups of dancers who presented Colombian culture on the stage of the event. Johana has become an honorary ambassador to the Israeli Congress and one of the most esteemed professionals by us and I say this as someone who has experienced hundreds of artists from all over the world over the last twenty years. Her diligence, professionalism, accuracy, meeting deadlines and commitments and everything always with a smile makes Johana beloved and appreciated. She's the perfect partner for any project, festival, event, business project, etc. In short, for those who have not yet understood, Johana in our hearts forever everywhere we will always be with her With love and respect,

    Lior Petel
    Entrepreneur and producer

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